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1 an ardent early supporter of a cause or reform; "an apostle of revolution"
2 any important early teacher of Christianity or a Christian missionary to a people
3 (New Testament) one of the original 12 disciples chosen by Christ to preach his gospel

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from (apostolos), "one sent forth".


  • RP: /əˈpɒs(ə)l/


  1. A missionary, or leader of a mission, especially one in the early Christian Church (but see Apostle)
  2. A pioneer or early advocate of a particular cause
  3. (Cambridge) Men who are plucked, refused their degree.
  4. A method of certifying international documents. See apostil


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An apostle is a messenger and ambassador.
Apostle and apostles may also refer to:
In religion:
  • The Twelve Apostles, 12 of Jesus' disciples chosen by him and given "the Great Commission"
  • The Seventy Disciples, referred to as Seventy Apostles by the Orthodox Church
  • Apostle (Latter Day Saints), a position within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and other denominations of the Latter Day Saint movement
  • Chief Apostle, highest minister in the New Apostolic Church
  • Rasul, Islamic prophet or messenger, sometimes translated "apostle" (Muhammad is known as Rasūlullāh, "Apostle of God")
In art and entertainment:
  • Cambridge Apostles, a secret society at the University of Cambridge
  • Apostle Plant, the Neomarica genus of plants, which closely resemble irises
  • The Squad (IRA unit) also known as the Twelve Apostles, an Irish Republican Army unit founded by Michael Collins
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Aaronic priesthood, Ambrose of Milan, Athanasius, Barnabas, Basil, Clement of Alexandria, Clement of Rome, Cyprian of Carthage, Cyril of Jerusalem, Gregory of Nyssa, Hermas, Ignatius, Irenaeus, Jerome, John, John Chrysostom, Justin Martyr, Lactantius Firmianus, Luke, Mark, Melchizedek priesthood, Origen, Papias, Paul, Peter, Polycarp, Seventy, Tertullian, ante-Nicene Fathers, bishop, colporteur, convert, converter, deacon, disciple, elder, evangelist, follower, high priest, missionary, missioner, patriarch, priest, propagandist, proselyte, proselyter, proselytizer, saint, teacher
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